Friday, 8 February 2013

Tilyar Zoo

Tilyar Zoo is a popular place in Haryana and it is set up in the Tilyar Lake. From Delhi border one has to journey 42 kms to reach there. The lake is built near Rohtan highway, Delhi and it has become a famous place for animal lovers. Besides, the lake has A.C hotels and restaurantalong with conference room for corporate meetings. There is a boating facility available where visitors can spend some peaceful time.
At Tilyar lake there is a zoo that has enough animals to attract visitors. While experiencing the view of those animals one can take a ride of toy train available there.
Haryana State Wildlife Advisory Board started to work on Tilyar Zoo to improve it in 2000 and the plan of the development has been handled quite well. There are some animals available for tourists but they have set up more houses for different kind of species making it a big and attractive zoo. They have made enough places for lions, deer, Leopard, Fox, Hyena, Chinkara, barking Deer, Langoor, Baboon, Crocodiles etc. There are different kinds of birds available there to make the zoo more beautiful.
The authority has tried their best to create a well maintained zoo and have brought many animals and birds to have an environment of a perfect zoo.
Address: Rohtak District

Contact details: 9953423776, 9310034583

Location – The zoo is set up on 132 acres of land which allowed lot animals to stay there. The zoo is situated in Haryana, India. From Peeragarhi Garhi Chowk Delhi one has to travel 55 km to reach Tilyar Lake where the zoo is built.
Visit timing
In summer visitors are allowed between 7 am and 6 pm. In winter the timing is 8 am to 5 pm.