Sunday, 24 February 2013

Haryana Tourism

The "Haryana Tourism" offers one with an exciting and thrilling tour of the various places of tourist interest of the state. The state of Haryana is blessed with the bounty of nature. The numerous tourist spots of Haryana reflects the rich cultural and traditional past of the state.

Keeping in trend with the secular identity of our country, the state of Haryana has many places of religious significance that bears relics of the rich architectural and cultural history of the glorious golden era. Haryana has numerous Hindu "temples" that draws several devotees who visit the sacred shrines to seek divine blessings. All the "Temples" of Haryana display the rich architectural skills and the artistic creativity of the people of Haryana. 

The state of Haryana houses several Sikh "Gurdwaras" that represnts the secular tradition of the people of the state. Apart from performing the religious duties, the Gurdwaras also engage in several social activities.

Representing the variant cultural tradition of the state, Haryana has many Muslim "Shrines" that attracts devotees from far and near. The Muslim Shrines are noted for their architectural styles. 

Haryana houses several "Churches" that adds to the diversity of the state. The marvelous buildings of the "Churches" are the epitome of purity and serenity. The ceilings of the Church are ornamented with beautiful designs and the walls are adorned with paintings which reflects the artistic imagination of the past golden era. 

The state boasts of several places of "Pilgrims" which have a significant religious and historical importance. The historical place of "Kurukshetra", "Jyotisar", "Thaneshwar", "Pehowa" and "Panchkula" reminds one of the rich historical past of our country. 

The state of Haryana boasts of the rich bio- diversity of the regions which is manifested through the vast reserve of the rare and endangered species of birds in the famous wild life sanctuary of the "Sultanpur Bird Sanctuary".

Haryana also has several "forts" that adds to the historicity of the state. The strategic location of Haryana was guarded by the construction of huge "Forts".

The state also has several "Tourist Spots" that are endowed with natural and scenic beauty. One is enthralled and captivated by the bewitching beauty of the tourist spots that draws many visitors all through the year.

The ancient state of "Haryana" is noted for the "golf tourism". The luxuriant green fields of Haryana, provides one with an excellent opportunity to play "Golf".

Haryana is blessed with many interesting spots for "adventure tourism". The rich historical and cultural antecedent of the state can be found out in the "Museums" of Haryana.

Being an important commercial hub and tourist destination of our country, Haryana is always flocked by tourist who can comfortably accommodate themselves in the various "Hotels" of the state at reasonable prices.

Below is a list of the important places of "Haryana Tourism"

  • Haryana Temples
  • Haryana Gurdwaras
  • Muslim Shrines
  • Churches
  • Haryana Pilgrim Destinations
  • Forts
  • Wild Life Sanctuaries
  • Haryana Tourist Points
  • Haryana Golf Tourism
  • Haryana Adventure Tourism
  • Haryana Museums
  • Haryana Hotels
  • Badkhal Lake
  • Dabchick
  • Ibrahim Lodhis Tomb
  • Karna Lake
  • Magpie
  • Saras
  • Skylark
  • Sohna
  • Yadavindra Gardens