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Uttarakhand Lohaghat Hill Station

Lohaghat Weather, India
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Max: 23°C (73°F)
Min: 9°C (48°F)
8mph / 13kph (S)
At the banks of the river Lohawati River of thedistrict Champawat is the Lohaghat. This place is famous for the spectacular temples that are part of this place. It is very near to Pithoragarh. The place is associated to many mythological histories that have attracted a large number of visitors to view its beauty. The number of devotees visits this place. They further go to Advaita Ashram that is also named as Mayawati Ashram. The place is always recalled for the striking temples that this place has and the welcoming nature of the people who belong to this place. This place is mostly famous for the mythological history associated to this place.
The festival like Bagwal fight is held at Devidhura. This is celebrated in Maa Baarahi Temple and is celebrated on Raksha Bandhan. This place is just 45 km away from Lohaghat. The other place that is near to Lohaghat is the Ritha-Sahib that is a very famous Sikh gurudwara. The world renowned sweet Rithas are available at this place. One more location in the close proximity of Lohaghat is Pancheshwar and this place is good for river-rafting and other few adventurous water sports. Pati a place near to Lohaghat is famous scenic place.
How to Reach
By Air
Pantnagar airport is the closest airport to Lohaghat though it is still 160 kms away and belongs to district Nainital that is situated in the Uttarakhand state. One can hire a taxi to ply to and from Pantnagar airport to Lohaghat. The flights are also available to Pithoragarh that has a Naini Saini airport though the frequency of flight between these two airports is quite less. Flights to Pantnagar airport can be boarded from Delhi airport regularly.
By Rail
Tanakpur railway line is the nearest to Lohaghat and in only a throw of 60 kms from this place. The tourist for Lohaghat can take taxi and buses from Tanakpur railway station. The trains from Lucknow, Delhi, Agra and Kolkata are easily available to Tanakpur railway station.
By Road
Lohaghat is very well connected via roads of the Uttarakhand state that is part of the northern India. The ISBT Anand Vihar in Delhi operates buses to Lohaghat on daily basis.
Places to Visit
Mayawati Ashram
Also known as Advaita Ashram one of the pilgrim places is at a distance of 9 kms from Lohaghat and is place of attraction for the tourists. This is a worship places for the Bengalis and mostly Bengalis visit this place in summers. This Ashram is associated to Swami Vivekananda. This place also has a big library that has mostly the books related to Swami Vivekananda studies. There is also a hospital at this place.
Abbot Mount
This place is famous for its scenic beauty and is at a meager 7 kms distance from Lohaghat. This place is silent and cool place to hangout.
Weather and Best Time to Visit
The climatic condition of this place is very pleasant during the summers. This place experiences rainfall for almost throughout the year. The temperature falls below the freezing point in the winters.
The temperature varies up to 15 Degree Celsius in the months from March to May.  June is considered as the hottest month of the June. And the temperature in this month goes to 19 Degree Celsius. A heavy rainfall is experienced in the month of August. During the winters January is said to be the coldest temperature and the temperature goes below zero degree in the month.
There are few good hotels in the area. There is a rest house KMVN in Lohaghat that can be used for the stay. The other luxurious hotel in Lohaghat is Abott Mount Cottage and is considered as one of the best hotels in Lohaghat.
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