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Nagaland Tourism


Tucked in a far end of North-Eastern India is a tiny mountainous state. All of humble people with a majority of them being agriculturists, it is a land renowned for many things beautiful ranging from its lovely nature to interesting history and rich flora and fauna to the wonderful culture followed by the lovely locals. That's the beauty of this mysterious state called Nagaland in India for you!

Nagaland, one of the smallest states in the country is one mysterious land that wouldn't fail to mesmerize anyone who admires all things natural under the cosmos. Full of rich cultural heritage, this lovely place often referred to as the 'Switzerland of East' forms a hot spot, specially for nature tourism. To simply state, Nagaland Tourism is nature tourism.
Mother Nature and The Vibrant Nagaland
If you are looking forward to Nagaland tourism, then you should know that the land of Nagas is all of scenic views. With very scenic landscapes, lushly spread greenery and lovely views of sun set and sun raise to enjoy, Nagaland is that place from where tourists can carry back home very memorable experiences. So, if you are among those interested in nature tourism, then nothing could be better than touring through the lovely Nagaland.
Geography and the clime of Nagaland
Most places in Nagaland are mountainous. It is surrounded by Assam in the West, Manipur in South and Arunachal Pradesh in the North. The lovely state has seven administrative districts, occupied by about 16 major tribes. And what do we say about the climate in this lush green state? The land boasts of possessing such beautiful climate that one can plan for Nagaland Tourism at any time of the year for the weather is pleasant all round the year.
The food, people and culture
Foods that are popularly consumed at Nagaland include fish and meat. They are cooked and consumed in varied forms by different tribes. The popular cuisines consumed by the Nagas include boiled vegetable dishes, meat dishes and rice. Their foods are mostly smoked or fermented.
The people of Nagaland are the state's jewels. All decked up in traditional multihued attires, artistic jewellery and beads, simply watching them is a delightful visual treat in itself. What's more, the locals here make your Nagaland tourism all the more alluring with their warm and lovely hospitality!
Lastly, taking of their culture is like an endless discussion. Dance and rhythmic songs are almost part of their daily activities. For the Nagas, life itself is nothing short of a festivity.
Places in Nagaland
Some of the alluring and popular places in Nagaland include the scenic Kohima, Dhimapur, MonWokhaPhekPeren and much more. With so much in offer exclusively for tourists, when will you mark your dates for Nagaland tourism?

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