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Uttarakhand Badrinath Hill Station

Badrinath Weather, India
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Out of pilgrimage site of Char Dham in India, Badrinath is famous Dham.The name of the town is derived from the name of Badrinath, which is a holy temple.This holy temple of Badrinath is very popular and is a center of attraction in this said town.
According to the scriptures of Hindu, the area of the Badrinath is considered as the Ashram of Badari.This name is accepted such that for the sake of humanity when earth was not able to withstand against the descendent of the Goddess Ganga, who ask the Lord Shiva to sent her to earth to help humanity.So after her request, Goddess Ganga splits into channels that are holy and in number 12.  One of them is Holy Alaknanda.
How to Reach
The best way to reach Badrinath is the airport of Jolly Grant that is 317 km away from the road in the Dehradun.After that, there is about 100 km of distance through the helicopter.In the valley of Dehradun, various helicopter providers were available there.
At the city of Kotdwara and Rishikesh, the available railway stations were there at a distanceof 327 km of Kotdwara and 297 km from Rishikesh.  About a distance of 24 km from the city of Rishikesh, a railway junction of Haridwar has main connection through rail to the various cities in the India and considered as the main railhead to reach the Badrinath.
Delhi is connected to the Indo-Tibet border through the Mana pass via NH 58 that is also considered to be the best way to reach Badrinath. In the months of summer, pilgrims were carried through the buses from the state of Delhi to the Badrinath via Rishikesh and Haridwar. The journey for Badrinath is basically started from the city of Rishikesh.
Places to Visit
In the holy place Bardinath, lots of places are there that the tourist can visit like Bheem Pul, Ganesha cave, Chandrapaduka, Mana Village, Vyas Cave, Tapt Kund, Bardinath temple, Mata Murti temple, Neelkanth, and Brahma Kapal.In the state of Uttarakhand,  these places are popular among the tourists in Badrinath.
  • Winter season is from October to April.These months in winters are so chilled and then minimum temperature in these months is about 5°C.Commonly there is snowfall at a zero level temperature.
  • Summer season is started from May to June.  In these months, the climate is very pleasant and soothing.The minimum temperature is about 18°C.
  • Monsoon season starts from July to the September.  In this season, there is continuous raining and minimum temperature of about 15°C.
Best Time to Visit
Badrinath temple is mainly opened only in months of May to October.The season of monsoon is not suitable for the pilgrims as there is lots of raining and also landslides were happened.The season of summer is very pleasant and soothing while the winters are very chilled due toregular snowfall happened.
The main language at this place is Garhwali and Kumaoni.The language of English and Hindi were commonly spoken at this place Badrinath.
Badrinath shows the cultural, natural, and social factors as there are festivals based on folks and fairs were regularly happened that are the main attraction for the tourists.The people had their connection through trade activity that has connections with the Bageshwar, Thal, and Jauljibi fairs.For the cultural part, the Devidhura, Dwarahat, and Syalde fairs were very common having religious importance.
In the holy place Bardinath, lots of Ashrams and hotels were available for the tourists.For cheap point of view, ashrams were better and also the food at ashram were available at the lower cost.There is also facility of pitch own tents for the tourists.There were also presence of luxurious hotels that provide a beautiful site view for the tourists.
Festivals and Activities
Festivals:  All types of festivals are celebrated here in the holy place Badrinath. Various festivals like Phooldei, Dusshera, Basant Panchami, Olgi, Sankranti, Harela, Bhitauli, Ghunghutia, Dikar Puja, Batsavitri, Ghuian Ekadashi etc were celebrated here in this holy place.
Badri Kedar Festival
For more than eight days in the month of June, the festivals were continuous happened.
Mata Murti Ka Mela
This festival of Mata Murti is very popular in the place of Badrinath.This festival is based on the worship of the Lord Badrinath’s mother so the name derived.
Hotel Narayan Palace:  Near Bus Stand Badrinath, Uttarakhand, India
The Chardham Camp,Joshimath : Near Joshi Vidhalaya, Badrinath, Uttaranchal - 246 443
Contact Number:  +91 92222 72222
Get Around
Tourists can visit this placed by getting services of bus that has connection at all points and also service of helicopter is also available for the pilgrims.
Get Out
After moving forward from the place of Badrinath, also there were various places to see that are Hemkund Sahib, Vasundhara Falls, Govindghat, Valley of flowers, Auli, Satopanth, and Joshimath etc.
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