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Uttarakhand Gwaldam Hill Station

Gwaldam Weather, India
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Max: 13°C (56°F)
Min: 1°C (33°F)
9mph / 14kph (SE)
Gwaldam hill station is located at the height of 1700 mtrs from MSL. This hill station is situated in Chamoli distt. This place fall on the highway connects Garhwal and Kumaon region. This hill station is drowsy and ideally located on the lines of both Garhwal and Kumaon.This place is also surrounded with dense and green forestry. From Gwaldam, snow clad mountain peaks of Himalaya can be viewed. Nanda Devi, Nanda Ghuti and Trishul peaks are easily viewable from this hill station. A visitor feels heavenly experience at this hill station. A very healthy weather conditions andpleasant atmosphere provides immense happiness and enjoy to a visitor. A small trek having lush and green surroundings reaches a tourist upto Bandhangarh temple. This temple is located on a bridge. From this place, the charming and magnificent view of Himalaya can be seen.
Nanda Devi Raj Jat Yatra passes through this hill station. A very adventures trek takes a person to the puzzling lake named Roopkund . This trekking is the most adventures activity of this hill station. This place is adjacent to another hill station Kausani. Though this place is not well conquered but still has a charm and attraction for visitors.
From this hill station, a small and narrow road goes to dense forestry around the village Tharali and Narain Bagar. Further this road touches Ranikhet road.
A mixed heritage of Kumaoni and Garhwali culture is seen everywhere in this hill station. This old fashioned village is covered by thick and dense forest of sky high deodar trees and this panorama is stretched upto miles. The roaring Pinder River through this hill station also creates a deep impact on visual look of the place. A friendly and humanly culture of this hill station stamps on heart of every visitor. Supporting nature, welcoming enthusiasm, service with smile and so on are the significant marks of the culture of Gwaldam.
How to Reach
Three major ways to access this hill station are as under
By Air
The nearest airport of this hill station is Pant Nagar located at a distance of 250 kilometers away from Gwaldam. From Delhi, there are routine flights operated towards this hill station.
By Rail
Kathgodam is the nearest railway station for accessing this hill station. The station is located 169 kilometers far from Gwaldam.Cabs and bus service is easily available from this hill station.
By Road
Road connection is also in rich condition towards this hill station. Various hill stations/religious places are located nearby. Kausani, Bageshwar, Nainital and Baijnath are situated 36, 45, 149 and 22 kilometers respectively.
Places to See
Buddhist Khamba Temple
This small village located at 1.5 kilometers away from Gwaldam is called one of the major seats of Buddhism. Main place to visit is the Baudh Math constructed here.
This place is located 6 kilometers far away from Gwaldam at an average height of 2,260 mtrs from MSL. It is believed that goddess Durga had stayed here. In ancient era, this place was the living area of kings and remains of their forts are still there.
In the Dhaula meadow, this place is situated.  This is 3 kilometers far away from Gwaldam. This is an ideal spot for lovers of skiing. At a short distance from this place, Guard valley is located and having a shape like diamond bowl. Is the main attraction of this hill station.
Angora Farm
This is a farm being run by the government. This is located at walking distance from Gwaldam. The establishment of this Farm was done in 1987. More than 170 Mohair goats are preserved here.
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