Sunday, 24 February 2013

Arunachal Pradesh tourism

Arunachal Pradesh tourism implies a vivid tour throughout the territory of Arunachal Pradesh. Arunachal Pradesh is known as the 'nature's treasure trove'. Therefore, tourism in Arunachal Pradesh calls for a delightful tour across the enchanting valleys, romantic peaks, beautiful districts and scintillating rivers. 

Arunachal Pradesh is known as the 'Land of the Dawn-lit Mountains'; tourists from across the world come to Arunachal Pradesh to see the picturesque beauty of the territory. Arunachal Pradesh is situated at the foothills of Himalayas; it is this picturesque setting of Arunachal Pradesh that attracts a large number of tourists to come to Arunachal Pradesh. 

Moreover, the places of interest that deserve a special mention in tourism of Arunachal Pradesh are: 

  • Buddhist Temple –
  • The Buddhist Temple is a stupa which largely reflects the Tibetan influence in Arunachal Pradesh. The location of Buddhist Temple is such that it provides a scintillating view of the city of Itanagar. 

  • Jawaharlal Nehru State Museum –
  • The Jawaharlal Nehru State Museum holds a wonderful collection art and architecture, musical instruments, religious articles, textile, ornaments, weapons, etc. The Museum remains open on all days, except Monday, for the tourist to visit and the Museum and explore the majestic past of the land. 

  • Ita Fort –
  • Ita Fort is an old fort, which is situated at Papum Pare district. The three gates on the three sides of the fort is said to be built by the Ahom rulers and it is estimated that about 80 lakhs bricks and 45 cubic meters of stone were used to build the Fort. 

    Besides, the aforesaid site, some of the other sites that play a vital role in tourism at Arunachal Pradesh are:

    • Mouling National Park
    • Bhishmaknagar Fort
    • Buddhist Gompa
    • Namdapha National Park
    • Malinithan
    • Tipi Orchidarium
    • Parasuram Kund, etc.
    Moreover, due to easy accessibility of Arunachal Pradesh to and from the different parts of India, is also instrumental towards enhancing the prospects of Arunachal Pradesh tourism. The availability of the different modes of transport like buses, cars, taxis, railways, air planes, etc. has largely enhanced tourism in Arunachal Pradesh.