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Uttarakhand Mussoorie Hill Station

Mussoorie Weather, India
SunnySun, 10 Feb
Max: 22°C (71°F)
Min: 8°C (47°F)
8mph / 12kph (SSW)
This beautiful hill station is located just 35 kilometers away from the capital city of Dehradun. Height of this hill station is 21000 mtrs from MSL. This city is also called “Queen of Hills”. Location of this beautiful city is in the lower most portions of middle Himalayan ranges. The name of this hill station is derived from shrub Mansoor. Actually, this shrub is largely available in this hill station. If the history of the city is seen, it reveals that a British Army Officer namely Captain Young and Mr. Shore as a joint venture founded the city in 1825.
Greenery, dense forestry and wide range of flora and fauna with the heavenly view of the nature, provide a beautiful look to the city. The population of the tourist is same whether domestic or international. This hill station does not have only natural beauty but the growingeducation and business deeds from this city boosted the transaction of the peoples. IAS training service center and IPS training service are also located in the city wherein, various Indian Administrative Services officers get training.
Places to See
This hill station is full of various visiting places. The Mall is spread out from the Eastern end (Rockville) upto the Cloud’s End (West). The British period can be smelled while wandering on the Mall in evening. On the Mall, the National Administrative Academy, Tibbetian School and Municipal Garden are also located.This city is well covered with a dense forestry. The ideal picnic place(resort) was constructed during 1838 by British. This place is heaven for the new visitors and newly married couples come here to celebrate their Honeymoon. At a smalldistance of 145 kilometers away from this hill station, a water fall namely “Kempty” located and a must see place for visitors.This fall is an height of 4500ft. This hill station is also called gateway of Dehradun and Yamunotri.
Except these places on can also visit the following
Lake Mist, Mussoorie Lake, Bhatta Falls, Jharipani Fall, Sir George Everest House, Nag Devta Temple, Jwalaji Temple, Cloud End, Camel’s Back Road, Gun Hill, The Mall. The above mentioned places can fill a visitor with immense joy and zeal to visit the beauty full city time and again. A unique calmness and peace also sufficient enough to recall a visitor.
Best Time to Visit
This hill station has a vital look and temperature.The cool nature in summers invites many visitors from plains every year.  During summer, the temperature of this city shuttles between 100 C to 300 C. In winter, the mercury does not exceeds 100C. However, the monsoon season is also sufficient.  Average rainfall of this station is 180cm. In Musoorie, the snow fall timings are started from mid of the December and lasts till the end of February. During April to June, this hill station is very pleasant to be visited.The fiery winds of plains, entails people to access this hill station.Winters are bone chilled but the charm of snowfall takes visitor to this city irrespective of temperature.
During monsoon season, heavy rainfall also disturbs the tourism. This hill station has a special charm. No one can resist himself to visit only once if come here. The culture and nature of the local population towards tourists is very friendly. No cheating activities, no theft, no fraud is in practice as it is believed that the tourist is the form of God.
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