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Uttarakhand Sattal Hill Station

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This place is a unique meeting point of seven streams (lakes) in the Nainital district. The average altitude of this hill station is 1370 mtrs from MSL.  This height is sufficient for magnificence of nature.  The group of seven lakes in gathers at a point in dense forestry and the scene is very attractive. Oak and pine forestry surrounds the place.  This place has the pride to be one of the pure and unpolluted fresh water source found in India. This place is divided into seven Tals namely, PurnaTal, Ram Tal, Sita Tal, Laxman Tal, Nal Damyanti Tal, Sukh Tal and Garuda Tal.   These seven lakes are the natural habitat for many birds migrant or domestic. The birds save themselves from the chilled and cold waves of Himalaya and migrate to the lower portion of mountain. This place is ideal for nature lovers and those who are interested in filming.  The location of this hill station is on the way to Bhimtal.  Total distance of Sattal from Nainital is 22 kilometers.
Best Time to Visit
This place is viewable throughout the year.  Actually, this place touches the subtropical climatic zone. During summer, a pleasant weather is there and during winter, chilled weather.  During monsoon, the greenery of the area is viewable. If some planning to visit this place, he must take woolen clothing. During winter, temperature comes down to the freezing point.
How to Reach
All the three modes of transportation are available to reach Sattal.
By Air
Pant Nagar airport is the nearest and located at 61 kilometers distance. From airport, taxies are also available to this hill station. From airport to Statal, a two hours journey is there. Routine flights are available from Delhi and Chandigarh.
By Rail
Kathgodam railway station is the nearest rail head which is located at 33 kilometers away from here.  Meter gauge and Broad gauge both railway lines available upto Kathgodam.  From railway station, bus service and taxies are easily available to this hill station.
By Road
From ISBT (Anand Vihar) daily buses are available to Sattal.  From another places of Uttarakhand, taxies are available for Sattal. Total distance of Sattal from Delhi is 308 kilometers and requires a 6-7 hours journey.
Places to See
Bhim Tal
This place is located at a distance of 3 kilometers from Sattal. The average altitude of Bhimtal is 1375 mtrs from MSL.  The lake, which derived its name for the place is the major attraction.  This place derived its name from the Bhima of Mahabharata. The place was used in ancient period as a silk route to China.
Butterfly Museum
This museum is located at Jones Estate. In this hill station, this museum is one of the main attractions for visitors. More than 2500 species of butterfly and other 1100 insects’ species are kept here. The founder of this museum was Mr. Fedric Smetacek.
Methodist Ashram
During 1930, this ashram was established. A friend of Mahatma Gandhi named Staley Jones established this ashram. This is located at the main entrance point of Sattal hill station. Calmness, peace and heavenly beauty scattered around the Ashram, provide a big metal relief to the visitor.
Subhash Dhara
This stream is of fresh water.  This natural stream has very pure water. The nearby locations and lush greenery create an impact on visitor and invite him to visit here time and again.
Some other places to be visited are Nainital, Haldwani, Jim Corbet National Park, Jeolikot and Bhowali, which are nearer to Sattal. All these places are full of natural beauty.  From all the places, snow-clad mountain peaks of great Himalaya can be easily viewed.
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