Saturday, 23 February 2013

Andhra Pradesh Tourism

Towards India's Southeastern coast lies an alluring hub of tourism. That's Andhra Pradesh – a mixed bag of surprises, which not just makes an interesting place for the tourists to visit, but has something for people from all walks of life to look forward to.
Andhra Pradesh

If the world famous shrine Tirumala Venkateshwara Temple has helped the state find a place for itself on the world map for religious tourism, its biggest and capital city Hyderabad makes it a hot spot among tourists for everything from amazing historical monuments to interesting places to leisurely laze around and from Shopping to its very delectable 'Hyderabadi Dum Biriyani'. That's the uniqueness of country's fourth largest state in terms of its area, better addressed by its abbreviation 'AP' by many.
AP's climate and a bit of it's geography
In Andhra, the climate keeps varying depending upon the geographical region. While its summers are quite humid and dry with the temperature ranging between 20°C to 41°C, the state also receives a good lot of rain fall between the months of July and September each year. However, since AP has a long coastal belt, it's winters are quite pleasant with temperature ranging from 12°C to 30°C during the time.
Geographically, the state is mostly made of the eastern half of the Deccan Plateau. The state is divided into three regions namely – the Telangana, Rayalseema and Coastal Andhra.
What People at AP Speak and Eat …
 In Andhra Pradesh, the languages that are widely spoken include Telugu (the official language), Urdu, and English. But one can also hear a meager number of locals converse in Hindi and Tamil as well.
And talking of the cuisines of Andhra, we wish to inform you that the locals of Andhra eat the spiciest of all Indian cuisines. What people in Andhra eat varies from region to region but rice forms the state's staple food. Some of the very popular vegetarian cuisines of Andhra include pesarattu, Aalasananda Vadalu, spicy pickles and chutneys and Akukura Pulagura (a sour gravy). And the state is also renowned for its tasty non vegetarian delicacies such as biriyani, Ghongura-Maamsam, fish gravy, Kodi-Vepudu and much more. So when on Andhra Pradesh tourism, try relishing at least a few of these delicacies.
Culture of the state and Andhra Pradesh Tourism
Andhra Pradesh is a state that is culturally rich. If Kuchipudi is its official dance, Telugu, the official language of the state is the most widely used language for composition of songs for carnatic music. And the state's literature, clothing and philosophy are culturally quite rich as well.
In Andhra Pradesh, tourism has always been a flourishing sector. Promoted by Andhra Pradesh tourism department as the 'Koh-i-Noor of India', the state is renowned for being home to many things beautiful. Some of the most important tourist spots in the state include the Tirumala Venkateshwara Temple for religious tourism, HyderabadVizag, Vijaywada, GunturKadapaKhammamNellorePuttaparthi and Nizamabad.
How to get there?
When you plan for Andhra Pradesh tourism, do not worry about the transport. For, the place is excellently connected to all parts of the country through all modes of transport, thus becoming the cynosure of Indian tourism.