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Uttarakhand Naukuchiatal Hill Station

Naini Tal Weather, India
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This place is called as Naukuchiatal because this place is a house of lake that has nine corners. The depth of the lake is 175 feet and the lake is bordered with huge mountains that are concealed with the shrubs and trees. This lake in Naukuchiatal is the deepest lake in the region. There is a concealed recurrent water spring that is said to feed the lake.
This lake is located at the altitude of approximately 1200 meters that is above the sea level. The lake goes up to a length of 1 km and is 40 meters deep. The lake of Naukuchiatal is deepest in the region of Nainital.
The myth that is associated with the lake is that no one can ever see the nine corners of the lake in a single stretch on the foot. If someone tries to do so it is considered that the person will perish in the clouds and will conquer the nirvana. This myth makes the people fearful to try to do so. The lake is so huge that people who visit it enjoy boating both the rowing and paddling boats.
History of Naukuchiatal
This lake has been named as the best lake of the region by its visitors. People not only enjoyboating in the lake but sitting and enjoying on the corners of the lake that is surrounded by the Kumaon range. The lake has been made naturally and gets the water from the sunken water spring. The belief of the people here is that no one can ever see all the nine corners of the lake in a stretch and if someone tries to do so can perish and become a smoke of cloud and will acquire Nirvana.
How to reach
By Air
Pantnagar airport is the closest airport to Naukuchiatal and is just 74 kms. One can hire taxi from the airport to reach Naukuchiatal and it takes approximately two hours to reach the place from Pant Nagar airport.
By Rail
The rail line that is closest to Naukuchiatal is the Kathgodam and is at a distance of 44 kms from the railway station. The trains between Delhi and Kothgodam are scheduled twice in a day. One can take taxi or a local bus to reach Naukuchiatal from railway station.
By Road
The roads from the major cities of the state of Uttarakhand are connected to Naukuchiatal. The buses are available from ISBT Anand Vihar in Delhi to reach Naukuchiatal.
Places to Visit
This is the scenic beauty area in the Naukuchiatal. This place has been an amazing place for the wildlife photography and an enchanting view for bird watching.
This place is a house of an old temple that is 350 years old and the temple is called the Mukteshwar Dham and is devoted to Lord Shiva. This temple is surrounded in the Himalayan ranges. This place is just 20 kms from Naukuchiatal.
This place is known as the Sat Tal because it has an interconnection of seven fresh water lakes. This is at a distance of 19 kms from Naukuchiatal. The lake is surrounded by the oak and pine trees. This place is fresh and unpolluted till date. The water at this place is pure and unpolluted. The seven lakes that are part of this place are Purna Tal, Ram Tal, Sita Tal, Laxman Tal, Nal Damyanti Tal, Sukh Tal and Garud Tal.
Weather and Best Time to Visit
The weather of the area remains pleasant throughout the year. The temperature in the summers varies from 11 Degree Celsius to 26 Degree Celsius while the temperature during the winters is from zero degrees to fourteen degree Celsius.
There are many luxurious and budgeted hotels in region of Naukuchiatal.
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