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Uttarakhand Mukteshwar Hill Station

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The history of this place speaks about the reliquaries that stood here until 1893. In the later years this place has to be converted to a place to safeguard the animals from the plague that had spread among the cattle in the area. The serum production has been the major task that was taken as step for safeguarding the plaque spread among the cattle. In the year 1889 and on date December 9th an Imperial Bacteriological Laboratory was opened after it had received its commendation from the Cattle Plague Commission. First it was opened in Pune and later was moved to Mukteshwar in the year 1893. In the year 1898 the laboratory work was finished but it got wrecked in year 1899 due to the fire that took place in the laboratory. The laboratory work was again completed in the year 1901. During that time the total cost that was required for the smooth functioning of the laboratory was Rupees 50,000. In the following years India Veterinary Research Institute decided to move from Mukteshwar to Izzatnagar but till today Mukteshwar acts as a site for IVRI that still works as a goat farm.
Sir Robert Koch a Nobel Prize winner came to Mukteshwar on appeal of Indian Government. A museum has been maintained by the IVRI where a microscope that was used by Robert Koch has been kept along with other old articles. A cool room was made in 1900 by the carving of hills and still attracts a large group of people. This cold room served as a hoard for preserving the organic material.
This place has been called Mukteshwar because it had a temple with the name Mukteshwar Dham that is 350 years old and the temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva. This place was established by the Britisher’s in the year 1893 for the Research and Educational Institute. The surrounding of Mukteshwar has groves of fruits and the coniferous forests.
How to Reach
By Air
The closest airport to Mukteshwar is the Pantnagar airport and it is almost 95 kms from Mukteshwar. One can then hire taxi to reach from airport to Mukteshwar. Daily flights are connected from Delhi to Pantnagar.
By Rail
The nearest rail line to Mukteshwar is the Kathgodam which is 62 kms from Mukteshwar. The rail route from major cities like Lucknow, Delhi and Kolkata etc. are well connected to Kathgodam. Daily two trains run to and fro from Delhi and Kathgodam. One can then hire taxior local buses from station to reach Mukteshwar.
By Road
Mukteshwar is well connected by road from few of the major cities in the northern part of India. Buses from ISBT Anand Vihar ply daily to Mukteshwar. The luxury coach buses also ply from Delhi that is operated by private travel operators.
Places to Visit
Mukteshwar Temple
A temple dedicated to Lord Shiva that is 350 years old is visited by many devotees.
Methodist Church
A church is made such that it gives a pleasing experience to everyone and is visited by many especially on Christmas. It is only opened on Sundays between 3 to 4 PM and is closed at all the other times.
Weather and Best Time to Visit
The weather of Mukteshwar remains pleasant almost all time in the year. The season for the summers are from March to May and the temperature goes up to 27 Degree Celsius and the winters here is very cold and the temperature goes from maximum of 17 to minimum of 3 Degree Celsius. The rains are during the months of July to September. This place can be visited anytime in the year though it is suggested that visit to Mukteshwar should be avoided in the months of rain.
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