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Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve

Location  Madhya Pradesh, India
Nearest city Katni
Area  446 square kilometres (172 sq mi)
Established  1968
Governing body  Madhya Pradesh Forest Department
Summer Temperature
Winter Temperature
In the beautiful Vindhiya hills of Madhya Pradesh lies Bandhavgargh. It has vast areas encompassed with bamboo grasslands. it adds to the greenery of the place as well. The reserve is famous for tigers all over the world and people from far and wide come to visit it. Tigers are spotted quite frequently by the people here that make it all the more exciting to visit this place. It is perfect to take photographs and capture nature at its best on the lens. The jungle is full of mystery and going deeper into it will only add to the excitement of what nature has in store for us.
The history of Bandhavgargh Fort is pretty interesting. It was the ruling seat of the king of Rewa, maharaja Martand Singh was hurt by the rate at which forests were being cut down, so he made an area of around 105 sq km into the national park which we now see. The Bandhavgargh area is famous for the habitats of tigers. It has one of the highest populations of tigers that one could find in the world. It also comes under the project tiger, hence has been actively involved since the year 1998 to save the dying population of tigers in India.
Weather And Best Time To Visit
Best time to visit: the best time to visit the park would be during the months of November to June. During the rainy season from July till early November the park remains closed.
Place To Visit
other than the national park itself there are many beautiful places in and around Bandhavpur that one could visit. There are many towns close by that one could visit and see nature at its best. Like the Village Tala:  it is one of the best places to see a day in the life of an Indian village, where the speed of life is still measured by the sync of the different seasons. The small houses, the elders having hookah are some of the common scenes that tell us that the time stands still in some areas of the world even today despite the speed at which things are now advancing.
Mahaman Pond  is an ideal place to visit. There is this water hole which is surrounded by bamboo clumps on all sides. One can see a variety of animals here.
Ketkiha - Pendanus Point: there are many types of aromatic plant called the" Pendanus " ( Kewra ) found here as well.
Climber's Point - Nature's Beauty  one can see several woody climbers of butea superba and Bauhinia wahlii amongst  the huge sal trees that give a great and breath taking view for the people visiting it.
Bari Gufa - Ancient Monument of Past: is one of the largest man made caves that are found in the reserve.
Three Cave Point –  these caves here are proof to the rich past that our country has had. They are visible from ganesh road as well. A must visit place these caves are
Rajbahera- The Bandhaini Hillock View :  the river Dammer originated from this place. One could come across wild pigs, several varieties of deer here as well. The view here is spectacular.
How To Reach
By Air
khajurao is the closest destination till where one can reach by a flight. The drive from here till the park is about five hours long. The Ken River is a beautiful sight which comes on the way,  a crocodile sanctuary famous for the ghariyals also comes on the drive to the reserve. Panna town, which is  famous for its diamond mines also comes enroute to Satna.
By Rail
Closest railway station is of Jabalpur which is 164 km away from Bandhavgargh, next are Katni and Satna which are approximately 102 and 120 km away.
By Road: The Park is approachable from Jabalpur, Katni, Bilaspur ,Khajuraho and Satna.
Flora And Fauna
The park is famous for its sal trees. The vegetation found here is usually of mixed type. There are vast expanses of bamboo forests here as well. Rocky ridges cut by perennial streams are a common sight here, you will come across deep ridges and crevices here. There are a range of low hills surrounding the park, which make it a breath taking view all together. There are many expanses of forest areas with hills and marshy land. The place is worth visiting once to see nature at its best. The settings are ideal for photography enthusiasts since it has all the features that are required for beautiful pictures. Make sure to carry your camera so that one could capture the beauty on the lens to keep as memories.
The park of Bandhavgargh is rich in terms of flora and fauna. It has a large variety of birds and animals found here. One can spot tigers, leopards, gaurs, chital , dhole’s hyenas, jackals, porcupines, wild jungle cats, foxes, ratels and wild dogs in large numbers. Bandhavgargh is famous all over the world because of the large number of cats that are found here. Tigers from the reserve have been part of various wildlife related documentary films as well. You see several varieties of deer as well as the wild boar here.
The park is home to around 22 different varieties of mammals and 250 species of birds. It has some of the best animals that one could expect to spot in India. Home to the Asiatic jackal, the langurs, Rhesus Macaque, the Jungle cat and gray mongoose. There are several species of deer found here as well like the Sambhar , Chinkara and the Chausingha.  Many mammals like the Palm squirrel , Dhole, Civet etc are found here as well.  One could tour the park either on elephant back or take a private motor tour. An elephant safari is surely an exciting way to tour the park and view the animals at a closer proximity. One should talk softly and not make any sudden movements as they may alarm the animals and cause them to attack. The best time to take a safari in the park is from 4pm in the evening till 10 am in the morning. The animals are seen at their best during these particular hours. Makes sure that you have an official tour guide along with you so that he can explain you things and show you the finer aspects of the park.  Elephants are used to track tigers and in case you happen to spot one then the elephant will take you to the tiger directly such is their instinct.

Winter Timings
  • Entry: 0730 hrs
  • Exit: 1730 hrs
Summer Timings
  • Entry:  0630 hrs
  • Exit: 1830 hrs
Where To Stay
The lodge which is run by the Madhya Pradesh tourism department as well as the guest house by PWD are amongst the few best places to stay at while visiting the park, the various forest departments have guest houses within the park premises. The stay would be comfortable if not luxurious surely. One has a choice to choose from individual rooms or cottages. There are many other hotels and lodges at Tala where one could stay while visiting the park. For more information on where to stay one could get in touch with the details mentioned below.
Director, Bandhavgarh National Park, P.O. Umaria, District Shahdol, and Madhya Pradesh.
Reservations for the MP tourism lodge can be made at the MP State Tourism Development Corporation in Bhopal.

General Information

Note- It is advisable for the visitors to reach the park premises about half an hour prior so that it is easier to finish all the formalities that are needed to gain entry to the park

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