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Tamil Nadu Javadi Hill Station

These hills are 50 miles that is about 80 km in breadth and 20 miles that is about 32 kilometers in height and are bifurcated into two sections eastern and western by the Cheyyar and Agaram rivers, which are the tributaries of the Palar. The major crops found on this hill include grains, legumes, and oilseeds. It is very sparsely populated. This hill consists of granites of bluish gray color with peak averaging 3600-3800 feet.  Jamanamarathur is one of the larger villages in the hills.
How To Reach
The nearest airport is in Chennai.
The nearest railway station is Vilupuram at a distance of 60kms from the place.
The roads are really good and that makes travelling easy.
Places To Visit
The main points of attraction of this hill are its sandalwood and fruit bearing trees. Almost all of its southeastern flanks are forested with sandalwood. The Javadi hills are also famous among the tourists as there are many tourist spots are located nearby them. List of few of such spots are
Beemanmadavu Waterfalls
It is located at a distance of 5kms from Jamanamarathur  ( main village of the Javadi hills) and in the midst of the reserve forest, which is famous for sandalwood.. The water in this waterfall keeps flowing for 7 months in the year and is a renowned tourist place.  People love taking bath in the bottom of the falls.
The Kavalur Observatory
The other place that a person can visit in the village is Kavalur Observatory. The observatory is located in a large area of 100 acres and it is having medicinal plants planted over here. One can also observe the intermittently appearances of come wild animals including deer,scorpions, snakes and others. The observatory is noted for Vainu Bappu Telescope, the largest telescope in Asia which is mainly used for Research activities.
Yelagiri, a hill-station located in Tamil Nadu, India. It is spread in the area of 32 square kilometers and at 1,410 meters altitude. Yelagiri village is one of the village found in this hill station and has rose gardens, orchards and green valleys surrounding it.
Terreking is the most liked and happening activity that could be enjoyed here. Rocky terrain, dense green vegetation, and small villages along the way can be explored by the visitors. As well as, several other trails are available to explore.
The weather here is normal with average temperature lying in the range of 10 degree centigrade to 30 degree centigrade. The climate of the upper part of the hill is generally cooler and moist than the surrounding plains. Months of March to May are considered best time to visit this place. Tamil is the language spoken by most of the persons in this region which being the official language of the state is most liked here. Talking about the culture and religion found in the region people here are friendly and open-hearted.
There are several means of transportation available to reach this place namely air, railways and roads. The nearest airport from Tiruvannamalai is Chennai airport, Bangalore. The railway line passes between Vellore and Vilupuram. And if you are planning to come through roadways buses, taxis, and jeeps are the best and easiest  means of transport available to carry you upto the javadi hills and also for sight-seeing. There is no as such shop and malls present there in javadi hills for shopping and people intended to do shopping need to go to Vellore. If anyone is seeking cheap accommodation then there are many hotels offering this to the visitors.
Language And Culture
The official language of this place is Tamil. Other languages spoken are English etc.
Various small hotels and places are available for staying at affordable prices.
Trekking is one of the best option available. People can go for trekking as there are many trails available.
Get Around
To move around one of the best options available are Rickshaws and Autos.
Get Out
A district in Tamil Nadu, Yelagiri is a beautiful place having many rose gardens, green valleys and orchads surrounding it.
For shopping Javadi hills has some really good shops however for a better range of products Vellore is a better option.
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