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Tamil Nadu Coonoor Hill Station

Coonoor Weather, India
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Coonoor is a small hill station of Nilgiri district. It is in the state of Tamil Nadu. This is one of the best places as it is near to nature. Most of the nature lovers and other tourists keep on coming to this small hill station. This is the place where production of nilgiri tea takes place. The most amazing fact is that it is the second largest hills station of Nilgiri Hills. It is having various kinds of things that can attract to a person. Tourists are coming here to perform Trekking and other adventurous sports as well. There is greenery all around located on the hills station. Pure and fresh air, chirping of birds can make you feel fresh and can enjoy your vacation in a great manner. The landscape of the place is also good and tourists coming from all parts of the world are enjoying it as well. The best thing about this hilly place is its weather. It is so good that it allows people to enjoy over the place even in the summers as well.
The main attraction of the Coonoor is a local toy train. This toy train connects to all the hillstations located under the Nilgiri region. Te breathtaking journey of the place makes the people forget everything. It passes through various those areas that can scare people as well. One of the most amazing things about the place is that most of the movies were made in the hills station and yet now, many directors keep on visiting this place to plot their next flick to this place.
There is one tribe; Toba Tribe resides over the place. This hill station was discovered by the British people in the 19th century and they declared it as the summer resort. Afterthis, the development process took played and this hill station received popularity among the other ones.
How To Reach
There are various routes through which a person can reach to this place. Coonoor is all connected through various means of transport and with different cities of the country. A person can come to this place through means of air transport. The nearest airport to this hills station is Coimbaore. It is having a distance of 70 kilometers. Most of all, the place Coimbatore is also connected to all other airports of the country. A person can also reach to the place through Trains as well. The Nilgiri Mountain Railway station serves trains from Ooty and from Coimbatore. Coonoor is very well connected through road transport a service as a person can get buses and other public transports available all times.
Places To Visit
There are lots of things that a person can watch inside the Coonoor city. A person can discover various things as there are many historical things and entertainment things are available. Among them, few are:
Sim's Park
Sim’s Park is a botanical garden which was developed in the year of 1874. It is having shrubs and other useful plants and trees which are good for humans. There are some unusual species in the park which are rare and were brought from different parts of the world.
Dolphin's Nose
This is the rock formation which is unique in itself. The formation of rock looks like the same as it is having a name, Dolphin’s nose.
Lamb's Rock
Lamb’s Rock is the picnic spot that is located near the dolphin’s nose. It is one of the exciting picnic spot of the city.
Weather And Best Time To Visit
The weather of the Coonoor is good and it is the factor which attracts to large number of tourists to this place. As it was declared as the summer resort, it plays the same kind of role in summers and in other climates. The climate of the place remains the same for whole year. During summers, the temperature remains between 15 degrees to 25 degrees. It happens from March till May. It is the pleasant weather of Coonoor. Monsoons arrive in the month of June and it remains till September. During this weather, rainfall occurs and the city receives heavy rains. During winters, the weather gets chilled from 10 degrees to 20 degrees. It happens during December to February.
Language And Culture
Languages which people of Coonoor speak normally are Tamil, which is the main language of the place. Besides this, the other languages are Kannada, bangle, English, Hindi and Malayalam.  The culture of Coonoor attracts to the tourists. Since people from most of the parts of the India reside to this place, it is having a blend of all kinds of cultures and traditions over the place.
Coonoor city receives large number of tourists every year. Hence the accommodation facility is also available for those who are coming to spend their vacations for a long time. There are various kinds of hotels and resorts are available where a person can spend some time easily at low costs with large number of benefits.
Acres Wild Cheesemaking Farmstay
This farmstay is having all kinds of facilities including 2 cottages for those who are coming to the city from far places.
Among this, there are various other resorts which are helping people to reside for some time.
Festivals And Activities
Coonoor is a place which is rich in wide variety of festivals and other activities. Because of all these things, people across the country visit this city. One of the most popular festival of this city is Fruit and Vegetable Festival, which held in May of every year. This festival is celebrated in Sim’s park and lots of people gather during the festival.  One another festival that happens in January is Tea and Tourism festival that also attracts to tourists.
The city of Coonoor is blessed with all kinds of natural beauty because of which it facilitates tourism inside the city. There are various outdoor activities happens. These activities include, bird watching, trekking, and others, people comes from different parts to watch the rare found birds.
There are various kinds of hotels established in the hill station because of which a person can stay easily. These places are providing all kinds of facilities to those who are coming to reside over here. There are all kinds of hotels from low budget to high budget are available.
Get Around
Coonoor is one of the hills stations which are having extreme quality flora and fauna. Most of the people are coming to this place. Apart from Coonoor, there is one more place, Ooty is located which is near to this hill station. It is having dense forests. So when you are making a plan to visit Coonoor, try to go across it to Ooty. There are various things available in that city. Most of all, all kinds of transport option is available with a person for going to that place.
Get out
There are various other places where a person can go and discover while he is arriving to Coonoor. Hee can go to Mysore. This city is located in the Karnataka district. It is 143 kilometers from the city and can go through any kind of transport facilities available. The next city is Wayanand. It is located 152 kilometres from the Coonoor city. It is having good mountains and other natural attractions because of which people are arriving to this place as well. It is having dense forests and green plants as well.
Most of the people who are visiting the city of Coonoor are shopping to get some memorable and attractive things from this place. The city is popular for its Nilgiri tea which people are purchasing a lot and others are Shawls and handicrafts.
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