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Sikkim Pelling Hill Station

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This town is situated in the Western Sikkim district in India. It is located at an altitude of 2,150 m and near about 10 kms from district headquarter of Geyzing. From Pelling, the Himalayan range Kanchenjanga can be viewed easily. This area is mainly famous for the view of snow-capped mountain ranges of  Kanchenjunga. Pelling is near about 125 km from Gangtok and 133 km from Siliguri. Pelling is also mainly famous formonasteries. The two main monasteries famous are Pemayansgtse Monastery and Sangachoeling Monastery. Pelling is the area having less crowd and there are many sculptures and paintings that can be seen here. If anyone visits Pelling in the month of January then he is able to see the famous religious dance called as Cham, which is held in Pemayansgtse Monastery.
Pelling is full of natural beauty that is the main cause of Tourist attraction. It is an ideal place where the tourist can spend their vacations as this area is full of waterfalls, trek routes, and tranquil aura.
Pelling was first capital of Sikkim. In 1641, in Sikkim, the Chogyal dynasty’sfirst consecration was laid by three Lama scholars, which is near about 10 km from city of Gangtok. The proof of this ceremony is the Norbugang Chorten. On this stone, there are stone seats and Dalai Lama’s head footprint even today. The Singhore Bridge Monastery was built in 1697 and it is one of the oldest Sikkim monastery today.  Pemayangtse Monastery  was built in 1705 that is situated within the Himalayan ranges near about the height of 2150 meters. There are many stories and events that showed the history of this place. The mountains nearby that are capped with snow in winters and the alpine vegetation over it makes it a very beautiful place to see and becomes a lovely area for trekking.
How To Reach
By Air
Pelling do not have any airport and the nearest airport that is available is Bagdogra that is about 79 km away from Pelling. One can hire jeeps, taxis, mini buses, or can take private cars to Pelling.
By Rail
Pelling do not have any railway station and the nearest railway station that is available is in Jalpaiguri that is near about 95 km from Pelling. From here the tourists, can hire jeeps, taxis, mini buses, or can take private cars to Pelling.
By Bus
The road transportation is very good and the Pelling is connected with various places by road like Jalpaiguri, Siliguri, and Gangtok. There are regular jeeps, private taxis, and buses available to reach there.
Places To Visit
Khangchendzonga Waterfalls
This one of the most beautiful waterfall of Sikkim and is regular through the whole year.
Khecheopari Lake
This lake is famous as one of the sacred lakes in Sikkim. This lake always remains hidden by the rich forest. It is commonly known that birds flying not able to find even a leaf on the surface of lake.
Pemayangtse Monastery
This monastery is most important and oldest one in common monasteries of Sikkim.  It is found that in 1705, this is monastery is commonly belongs to the Nyingma-pa sect.
Sangachoeling Monastery
This is one of the common monastery that is located over the ridge of Pelling and it is overlooked by the famous Pemayangtse Monastery. This monasteries is one of the oldest monastery that is built in 1697 AD
Sangay Waterfall
This waterfall is near about 10 km distance from Pelling.
Weather And Best Time To Visit
The climate of Pelling remains very pleasant and comfortable throughout the year.  Whole of the year is very comfortable for the tourists to visit Pelling. However, monsoon season is not fit to visit this place. There are three seasons mainly in Pelling summer, winters, and monsoon. The summers remains very pleasant and mild and are fit for tourist attractions. During the monsoon season, the rainfall is very heavy. The temperature remained mild at this time. Winters are known as best time to visit this place due the great fall in temperature after sunset.
Language And Culture
The people of this placed are generally called LImboo and they are very strong, independent and open hearted people.  There are many castes that includes Muringla, Tamling, Pegha, Khamdhak, and Lingden.
Near about 95% of the total population is based on farming. The basic mode of occupation for the local people is agriculture. The folk dances of Limbo tribe are very energetic and rich. The most important traditional Limbo dance along with the song and ‘Chabb-rung’ (drum) is being performed during the time of festivals and other occasions. A Limbo men generally wear ‘Sumba’ and Po-hok-ma. The woman wear the dress which is lengthy up to ankle named as Sim and Hambari. This dress is generally made from very finely woven fabric in traditional patterns and is very bright in color. The people here make local handicraft items like bamboo, wood, and wool.
Most of the population of Pelling are Buddhist and generally used Sikkimese language. The other common languages are Hindi, English, and Nepali.
Hotel Garuda
This hotel is very good and affordable, however, kitchen of this hotel is not up to the mark. The dormitory in this hotel is available near about Rs 100 per night.
Address: Hotel Garuda, Upper Pelling, West Sikkim, Pelling - 737113, Sikkim
Phone: +91 359 258319 ,+91 973 3076484, +91 964 7880728,
Hill Retreat, Middle Pelling
This hotel have 7 rooms in total and very pleasant and cozy bar. However, this hotel is little bit at a distance from other buildings.
Address: Near State Bank of India, Pelling 737113, India
Phone: 03595-263322 , +91 9647786984
Festivals And Activities
One of the most famous festival in Pelling is Khangchendzonga Festival. Its name is derived from famous Himalayan Mountain Khangchendzonga. This is the biggest festival that is being celebrated by the people of Pelling. This festival includes many activities like white water rafting, trekking, Kayaking, sight seeing, mountain biking, and other traditional sports.  This festival also has various traditional crafts, flower exhibitions, and also contain ethnic food and costume stalls.
This festival is basically celebrated for the promotion of tourism in this area. By this festival, the people of this area make their best efforts for the development of tourism potential and showcase the tourism of Pelling.
Some of the outdoor activities like trekking, Mountain biking and going for beautiful trails can be enjoyed in Pelling. There is a base camp for the purpose of adventure named as Head to Uttarey, which is near about 20 minutes driving distance from Pelling.
Norbu Ghang Resort, Pelling
This hotel is remarkable famous for its beautifully designed 11 cottages and its landscaped greenery. There is beautiful Mountains view from every cottage and have separate verandah.
Address: Norbu Ghang Resort, Pelling - 737113
Tashi Gang Resort, Pelling
There is a place near Pelling named as Yangtey where this beautiful resort is situated. This resort is basically situated on the top of the Hill that enables a person to view the Mountains from there along with Monasteries and Hamlet.
Address: Tashi Gang Resort, Yangtey, Gayzing, Pelling - 737111
Chiminda International, Pelling
This hotel provides various options having different prizes that suits to the budget of tourist in the form of deluxe rooms or super deluxe rooms. There are 24 rooms in all in this hotel.
Address: Chiminda International, Middle Pelling, Pelling - 737 101
Get Around
The tourists travel their distance between Pelling and Ghezing by shared jeeps till late or mid afternoon.  All these jeeps travel 2 times in a day regularly for Gangtok as well as Siliguri. The distance between Pelling to Yoksum cannot be covered directly as there is no service of transportation there. There is a bus that starts from Ghezing daily and travels through Legship and Tashiding. There is a famous Khecheopalri Lake for which one bus leaves that passes through Pelling and 2 buses from Pelling take you to Ghezing from Pelling and vice versa. There are also many guides available in Pelling for the tourists.
Get Out
Siliguri is one of the main commercial center of North Bengal. The town is considered as the most important center for education, transportation and for trading. This is located on the banks of Mahananda River and in the foot hill of Eastern Himalayas.
S.N.T Bus: There is only one bus that is available to reach Siliguri and that departs at 7 AM via Jorethang.
Gangtok is the largest town of the Indian state of Sikkim and its capital. It is situated in the Eastern Himalayas range in the Shivalik Hills.Gangtok is basically famous for its scenic beauty and remarkable views of the 3rd highest peak of the world named as Kanchenjunga.
The tourists will definitely enjoy shopping in Pelling as there are many varities of items that can be bought by them and to take back home. They can shop hand woven carpets that feature traditional motif and shawls as well as blankets in Lepcha weaves. Intricately carved tables that are locally called as choktse are also famous here to shop. There are also many other things that one can buy here are likecloth bags , paintings on canvas, handmade paper products, wall hangings, Buddhist religious items and Thangkas.
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