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Tamil Nadu Kolli Hill Station

Namakkal Weather, India
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Kolli Hills is a juvenile hill station situated in the Namakkal district of the pivotal point of Tamil Nadu in India. The peaks are more or less 1000 to 1300 m in altitude which broadcast the area almost 280 To arrive at the pinnacle of the hills one has to face as 70 hairs pin bends as tiny ranges of the Kolli Hills. The Kolli Hills are placed on the Eastern Ghats, which is a series of peaks that is stretched in the same direction to the east shoreline of South India. The ranges are comparatively intact by marketable tourism and still maintain their innate attractiveness.
Additionally this region is termed as Kolli Malai which is called as the ‘Mountains of Death.’ According to the ancient Hindu literature there is hearsay about the presence of the spirit in Kolli Pavai at the apex of these ranges. This rumor had done to acquire the fame of this place. The figure or phantom tried to allure the travelers and slay them.
Valvil Ori who is a humanitarian of early Tamil Nadu was in charge of the whole area in 200 AD. He is assumed to use a particular dart for slaughtering animals like bear, deer, lion andboar. His guts and heroism have been noted in the composition of different Tamil poets. Kolli Hills are surrounded by coniferous forests as well as coffee, pineapple, jackfruit; tea, black pepper etc are also grown.
The backward people of this area love to eat rice and millets. Besides these they also prefer to take full grown jackfruit and frequently immerse it in natural honey for accumulate to its flavor and smell.
The three major reserved forest of this place which is directed and administered by the Management of Tamil Nadu are Ariyur Solai, Pulianjolai and Kundur Nadu.
How To Reach
By Air
The close by airport is positioned at Trichy which is approximately 90 km from the mount place. There are personal taxis and prepaid taxis which are accessible from Trichy Airport to Kolli hills.
By Train
The adjoining railway station is placed at Salem which is too just about 90 km from the town. Trichy railway station is besides an additional choice. Equally Salem and Trichy railway stations encompass taxis that are offered for rent.
By Road
Salem is well linked by personal buses and administration buses. Buses from Madurai, Chennai and Trichy practice often to Salem. Classified buses are speedy and they are a first-class alternative. Visitors can catch a taxi from the bus stand to reach to Kolli Hills.
Places To Visit
Agaya Gangai Waterfalls
The Agaya Gangai Waterfall in Kolli Hills spouts along from a stature of 300 ft into the River Aiyaru. The cascade places very near to the Arappaleeshvarar temple and is bounded by cliffs on every sides.
Botanical Garden
Botanical Garden is a picnic mark which has a playing field, rose backyard, green cottages, Herbal Park and a vision spot. There is also an undersized kid’s park in the garden that includes rides like see-saw, wave slide, statues of animals and merry-go-round. This garden is renowned for a terrace area that is used for conducting a bloom show and a pineapple study farm.
Weather And Best Time To Visit
Summers are pleasing and breezy and the temperatures scarcely increase more than 30°C. Summer temperatures fluctuate from a minimum of 18°C and can go up to 30°C. Summer months starts from March to May. This is an excellent time to come here.
Monsoon period starts from June to October. Kolli Hills receives maximum rainfall from the North East monsoon in October.
Winter season is in the month of December to February. Temperatures vary from a minimum of 13°C and a maximum of 18°C.
Best Time To Visit
December to May
Language And Culture
The common language is Tamil.
Tribal called Malayalee (people of mountain) survive in this ranges and maintain a tribal customs. All marriage will be in the company of drinks, pork and jazz. Their marriage looks like near to madikeri fashion.
Nallathambi Resort
Nallathambi Resort is situated among the utmost peaks of Kolli hills, offers ideal hill-station climate. In the serenity and freshness of this resort there will be new facilities, polite service and a sense of being at home.
Address: Semmedu, Kolli Hills, Dist : Namakkal, Semmedu, Tamil Nadu - 637411, India
Kolli Hill Resorts
Kolli Hills is an anonymous knoll station in Tamilnadu. With 1300 meters above sea level, it enjoys a very good climate throughout the year.
Address: Kolli Hill Resorts Semmedu, Muthankulam, Near Petrol Bunk, Vazhavanthi Nadu, Kolli Hills
Festivals And Activities
Nature Walk
A scenery march of Kolli Malai will take to gorgeous scenic area like Botanical Garden a legendary set with various kinds of flowers, green cottages and Rose Garden.
Rappelling is the prohibited descent downward a rope. Climbers utilize this practice when a rock face or incline is also sharp or perilous to fall down lacking security.
Camp fire
A campfire is a combustion lit at a base camp, generally in a fire circle. In Kolli Malai close toboat house an ordinary land mass in the lake surrounded with giant rocks and plants is perfect area for campground bonfire.
Kolli Hill Resorts Semmedu
Address: Kolli Hill Resorts Semmedu, Muthankulam, Near Petrol Bunk, Vazhavanthi Nadu, Kolli Hills Tamil Nadu
P.A Holiday Inn
P.A Holiday Inn is to be found at Kolli Hills. The hotel is 180 km from Trichy Airport. P.A Holiday Inn supports tourism offers for the visitors.
Address: 7/151 A, Moolakadai, Dist : Namakkal, Semmedu, Kolli Hills, Tamil Nadu - 637411, India
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