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Rajasthan Mount Abu Hill Station

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A place that has a strong historic significance and in the present era it is one of the major tourist attractions of Rajasthan is Mount Abu. The place is actually an oasis among the deserts in Rajasthan and is situated 1220 meters above the sea level. The place is gifted with simple scenery beauty and has many temples of the ancient era which depicts the work done by the medieval rulers on art and architecture in their time. People usually visit this place for its immense natural beauty and religious importance. The cool and green environment brings a soothing effect to the soul and for the people who wish to pause for a second in their ever running lives and enjoy life, Mount Abu is probably the best place for them.
There are many Jain temples in the place which are not only religiously important but also for history lovers. The place has the very famous Dilwara Jain temple which is appreciated by all scholars and those millions of tourists who visit every year to this picturesque town. The place has a very romantic ambience in it which makes it a much loved location for honeymoon couples. The place is quite developed in tourist facilities and hotels which add to the number of foreign and domestic people travelling here.
One could find a very diverse culture here in Mount Abu as the folk culture and the food is very popular all around. If we look back at its history, then it is quite obvious to comment that this place has been very popular with is rulers. The place served as the summer resort for the Rajput rulers of the kingdom and it was also the integral part of the Chauhan kingdom of the state. The British government took this place on lease from the Maharaja of Sirohi for making the headquarters of the resident of the Rajputana.
How To Reach
When it comes to connectivity, one can easily reach the place Mount Abu by means of airways as the nearest airport from it is Dabok airport in Udaipur, which is 210 km away from it. The place is also connected with flights from New Delhi, Mumbai, Jaipur and Bangalore.
Railway Station
Other than this, there are many taxis available from nearby main cities to this place. The nearest railway station in this place is the Abu Road station that lies in between the main line from New Delhi to Mumbai. There are many other trains that connect the place to other parts of the country.
The tourist buses are available from Jaipur, Udaipur, Jodhpur and other nearby big cities. These buses are both government run or privately owned.
Places To Visit
Nakki lake
The points of attraction of this place are many but a few a worth visiting if you are a tourist. The Nakki lake is a very beautiful lake geographically set amid the hills. One could enjoyboating in the lake water with a loved one and the memory that one carries from this place are a long lasting joy to the mind and soul. One more striking feature of this place is the peculiar rock formation around this rock.
Dilwara Vimal Vashi Temple
The world famous Dilwara Vimal Vashi temple is quite old but beautifully build temple in Mount Abu. This temple is also very important from religious point of view as this temple was the first Jain temple build ever and is dedicated to Jain Tirthankara. It was built in 1031 by the great ruler Bhim Deva, who was the first Solanki ruler of Gujarat. The temple is purely constructed with marbles and has plain exteriors. One could see the fine carvings that are made inside such that at some places even the marble becomes transparent. People from great distances come and appreciate the skill work of the workers who made this temple.
Sunrise Palace
Sunrise palace is also one of the most beautiful locations worth watching in Mont Abu. It is situated at one of the highest points of Mount Abu and provides a breathtaking mesmerizing natural view of the Aravalli hills and the whole of the city.  In ancient times this used to be Maharaja’s holiday resorts but in recent times it has been set open for the common tourists. The impeccable flora and fauna that one can silently observe is beyond words.
Adhar Devi Temple
The Adhar Devi temple that is situated at a close distance of 3km to the north of the city is actually build on a rock and in order to reach the temple one has to crouch down on his knees, but indeed it is still one of the excellent examples of craftsmanship.
Gomukh Temple
The Gomukh temple, that is located around 8km south west of Mount Abu, has a small stream that flows from the mouth of a marble cow and therefore the shrine has been named so. The place also has idols of Lord Shiva and a marble statue of Nandi, Shiva’s vehicle and most favorite devotee.
Achalgarh Fort
The Achalgarh fort lies 5 miles away from Mount Abu and was built by great warrior king Rana Kumbha. The climate of the place is pretty cool as during the summers the maximum temperature is 33 C and the winters become abnormally cold. The best to visit this beautiful city of natural beauty and cultural richness is throughout the year.
Language And Culture
The language and culture of this place is extremely rich. There are a number of luxurious hotels available in the city. The city hotels offers delicious tastes of Rajasthani and Gujarati food and the traditional dances, festivals, fairs, jewellery, costumes and the friendly and cooperative nature of the people make the overall experience of a visit a lifetime memory. People of all religions, caste and creed live together here and the languages used mostly are Rajasthani, Hindi and English.
Festivals And Activities
One can enjoy camel festival which held in January. Holi that falls usually in end of February or in the March, Diwali in the month of October is a very religious festival celebrated with great zeal and no one will wish to miss the celebration of New Year between the snow, cool breeze and the long chilly nights and yes the bonfire all round the area. Most favorable season in Mount Abu is summers; this season has made Mount Abu very popular.
Native tribes love and respect this festival very much, each and everybody takes part in this festival actively and make sure that they enjoy it fully. June (Aashadh month of Hindu calendar) is the month in which this festival is celebrated with high spirit. Folk classical music and folk dance performed by locals tends to be the major attraction of these three days of summer festival. If one has to witness the lifestyle and culture of the tribal people of Rajasthan very closely then this season is best time to visit.
Mind blowing Fireworks is the best way to say good bye to this festival as they makes our mouth open along with your eyes. Lord Mahavir, the 24th tirthankara of Jainism on his birth anniversary the “Mahavir Jayanti “is celebrated which add more features to Mount Abu. Dilwara temple tends to be busiest at this part of year as thousands of Jain pilgrims come to visit this temple in honor of huge contribution which Lord Mahavir has done in Jainism. Maharaja International Hotel, address- Taxi Stand, opposite Polo Ground, Mount Abu- 307501To enjoys the magnificent place Mount Abu, you have many options of travelling to there and you can reach there by following options according to your will.
Get Around
State of Rajasthan provides bus services all over the state which is cheap and handy too. You have to compromise with your comfort level as the buses in Mount Abu are not that comfortable but they are cheap, by spending around Rs10- to 20 you can reach anywhere in that region.
Taxi is the source of enjoying this beautiful location. It is available from the foothills of the Mount Abu and you hire it by spending Rs 200 to 300 and this source very safe way to travel in Mount Abu.
Rented Motorcycle
In Mount Abu you can enjoy ride motorcycle or a bike by renting it at the cost of Rs 250 to 400. This is the best way to travel through the region you can enjoy the magnificent place. One can witness the beauty of nature with which the place is blessed and move from one place to another as well.
Get Out
If you really want to discover your holiday in Mount Abu then this is a very good way to do it Sirohi lies in the southern Rajasthan state of western India. It serves as the administrative headquarters of Sirohi District and once was the capital with the same name. Sirohi Road Station is the nearby railway station to Sirohi.
In the Rajasthan state which lies in western part of India city called Jalor is present which is also called Jalor. It serves as the administrative headquarter of Jalor District. In south of Sukri river Jalor lies which is a tributary of river Luni and is about 140km south of Jodhpur.
Udaipur, usually known as city of lakes. It is an administrative headquarters of the Udaipur district in Rajasthan which lies in the western part of India. It falls 403 kilometers from the state capital Jaipur and 250 kilometers northeast from Ahmadabad.
Mount Abu is a very good place to shop for one can find different types of Rajasthani as well as Gujarati articles like, Textile, jewelry, handicrafts, wooden works, furniture, marble and paintings. Kota saris, beautiful bangles with nice Sanganeri prints, very light weighing Jaipury quilt can be bought at reasonable price. Handicrafts of Rajasthan are provided in Rajasthali, Khadi Bhandar and Rajasthan Government Emporium for Handicrafts. Metal, wooden, stone and clothing shops like Kashmir Cottage Emporium, Chacha Museum, Piccadily Plaza, M/S Bansilal Bhurmal and Rajasthani Emporium.
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