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Orissa Tensa Hill Station

In census Tensa is a town in the district of Sunargarh and the state of Orissa in India. This town is mainly of removal Township. The origin of Tensa are strange but it is supposed that this town is used a tribal resolution of previous to industrialization. In 1960 Barsua of Iron Mines is charge in after soon. Tensa was industrial in the 1960s as a community for anaccommodation the workers of SAIL plus it has remained as a mining community.
Tensa is considered to be a mini hill station. Being located at an altitude of 3780m above the sea level, Tensa is a charming hill station which offers a magnificent view of the dense forest and the rolling hills.
Tensa is also one of the major towns situated in Odisha, and it comes under the jurisdiction of the district of Sundargarh. Based on the size of the town it can be considered as a huge town but at the same time a small one considering its population. Tensa is measured a famous Hill Station in India. That is still to keep an old-world in an attraction about it, plus it similar to many little towns of India, features a negligent, relaxed of their lifestyle. The hotness does not go away from of 300 Celsius in summers plus winters have normal of 100 Celsius. It is hardly 2 kms from the city of Tensa, by a valley rightly called "Zero Point". Temperatures are very often known of touching the Freezing Point during winter. The charisma and the green hills can be enjoyed in the place of Tensa.  A nice trekking can also be enjoyed in the wooded forests where hidden happiness’s, streams and brooks. A person discovers the resident tribals of the area who are approachable and friendly. SAIL is the largest integrated iron and steel producers in India, several other mining activities are also carried on centering around Tensa Mountain. This town is also the perfect get-away for the group picnickers and nature lovers.
How To Reach
By Air
Rourkela Airport is situated at a distance of 110 KM from the city of Tensa. This is the airport which is adjacent to Tensa. The airport is linked by Taxi services goes on the way to Bhubaneshwar. The city of Bhubaneshwar is well linked to the major cities via numerous every day flights.
By Rail
Barsua is the nearest railway which is located at a distance of 13 KM from Tensa. Merely a train is available daily and linking Barsua just before Rourkela. Rourkela is the adjacentRailway Junction. Rourkela is very well connected with rail to every one of major cities in the country India.
By Road
Bus services on a daily basis connect Tensa with Bhubaneshwar and Rourkela is at a distance in 335 KM.
Places To Visit
Sail Project
Steel Authority of India Limited is working on its mammoth project in this area. The huge project has taken place around the Barsuan is iron ore. This is taken out of the ore, situated at a distance of 12 km from Barsuan and is processed before it is sent to Raurkela. A specialpermission would allow them to observe the work processes of the gigantic plant.
Tribal Watch
Picturesque Tensa, is well sheltered and unseen to the shades of soaring Sal, Mahua and Kendu trees. Tribes like Munda, Togo and Lakhra are the indwellers who survive their live in plus around the magnificent destination.
Jagannath Temple
Travelers should walk through the red soil and the Lingering green territory of Tensa to visit the Jagannath temple.
Weather And Best Time To Visit
The temperature does not exceed 30 degrees Celsius in summers, and winters have an average of 10 degrees Celsius.
Best time to visit is from October to March.
Language And Culture
Languages spoken are Oriya, Hindi and English.
Tensa is primarily a mining township. The origins of Tensa are unknown but it is believed that Tensa are use to a tribal settlement prior to industrialization. There are still a few tribes present in the forest area of tensa. Tensa is more of a mining town now and the most people to earn their living during this.
If you are interested to wait at the vicinity of steel production and activities of the plant, then you can stay at Tensa Bhawan or Tensa House, built by the SAIL authority. These guest houses are offering a panoramic view of the sunset as well.
Festivals And Activities
Ratha Yatra
Ratha Yatra or Car festival is the most important festival of Orissa. This festival commemorates the journey of Krishna from Gokul to Mathura. The festival commences in the month of June or July.
Durga Puja
One of the most awaited of festivals in this state is celebrated in the month of September otherwise October. The festival lasts for 4 days plus symbolizes victory of good over evil. An end of the day is called as the Vijaya Dasami and on this day people make fun by burning the effigy of Ravana.
Raja Parba
The festival is celebrated in the month of June plus goes on for three days. The charm of the festival is more exciting for the young girls. They swing through tied in the trees. This festival brings break in the agricultural activities in agrarians.
Hotel Pahadi
At/P.O.- Themra Via- Dhanupali, Dist- Sambalpur
Hotel Uphaar
Sambalpur, Sambalpur, Orissa
Get Around
Not much to get around in Tensa. It being a mining town most of the people have home very close to the mines, therefore that they be able to walk from people houses to mines and back. Exploring this place on foot will be advisable.
Get Out
Sonepur is a city in the district of Subarnapur and state of Orissa in India.
Deogarh, Orissa, also known as Debagarh, a city of district Debagarh in India.
The town Rengali in a Tehsil of the district is Sambalpur and state of Orissa in India. There distance 240 km fro9m the state of Bhubaneswar.
In others villages are Khinda, Rengali, Jangala, Lapanga.
Near By towns are Jamankira(36 k.m.) Rengali(1.2 k.m.) Jujomura(37 k.m.).,Kuchinda(32.8 k.m.).
There is not much to shop for in Tensa. It’s a mining town where a group of ore is dug out from the mines like iron ore. Tensa is mines of Iron ore from ensure consistency in the quality of raw material used in sponge iron kilns.
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