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West Bengal Kurseong Hill Station

Kurseong Weather, India
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The famous hill station of Kurseong is located in thedistrict of Darjeeling in West Bengal. This is a quiet town and an approaching destination for the tourists. It is one of the perfect places for relaxation and loosening oneself from the chaotic rapidity of the urban and city life of the people. This town of Kurseong is an abode for mainly temples. Some of the temples are Jadgish Mandir, Ambhotia Shiva Temple and Gidapahar Durga Mata Mandir. An important temple is that of the Jagdish Temple is one which is more than 300 years of age. This is a dedication given to the God, Lord Jaganath. This place is well known for the Buddhist people and their temples. Some of the temples are scattered around the hill station and the attractive sites to visit. The Montieviot and Downhill Road are the places where the Buddhist Gompas is situated. This region also has an attraction which is worth visiting and that is the St Paul’s Church.
A variety of waterfalls are situated in the hill station among which Kholas Waterfall is a well-known spot for picnic. Some of the interesting places are Eagles Craig and Deer Park. There is also a memorable museum which is dedicated to the rebel Netaji Subash Chandra Bose. There are old memorable belongings of the freedom fighter like letters and photographs.
How To Reach
Kurseong is located 47 kms away from Siliguri town and 30 kms away from the main district of Darjeeling. There are many modes of transport that include buses, taxis and jeeps.
Air Route
The presence of the airport of Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose International Airport in Kolkata haved made it possible for the people of other states travel comfortably to West Bengal and its hill stations like Kurseong.
Train Route
After the emergence of the railway station of New Jailpaiguri it has become the closest of the railheads with the provision of the different train services regularly from the different parts of the nation. The arrival of the trains is from various cities like Alipur, Chennai, New Delhi and Kolkata. The cost ranges from Rs.1100 to Rs.1600 of the three tier A/C tickets when one travels from Jalpaiguri to Delhi and vice-versa.
Road Route
The road route connects Kurseong to the chief cities of the nation like Kathmandu (621 km), Delhi (1359 km), Calcutta (636 km) and Guwahati (560 km).
Places To Visit
There are many places in the hill station of Kurseong which worth visiting like tea gardens, Grotto houses, Bhangzang Salamander Lake, Forest Museum, Eagle’s Craig View Point, Jagdish Mandir, Giddapahar Durga Mata Mandir and Ambhotia Shiva Temple.
Ambhotia Shiva Temple
The temple known as Ambhotia Shiva Temple lies  is on the route of the journey way towards the Tea Rstate of Ambhotia. The temple is  and the temple in itself is a lifelong experience of picturesque beauty.
Giddapahar Durga Mata Mandir
The temple of Giddapahar Durga Mata Mandir is engraved from the ancient rock that is devoted to the Goddess Durga. This is a holy place for the Hindus.
Jagdish Mandir
The temple of Jagdish Mandir lies on the road named Bank Road which is on the route to Eagle's Craig. It is an ancient temple that is around 300 years of age. This temple is devoted to Lord Jagannath. The feature that attracts the visitors is the old wooden interiors. There are two statues that are present in the temple of the Lord Jagnnath which are similar to that of the idols present in Jagnanath Puri. These are very gorgeous.
Eagle’s Craig View Point
The view point known as the Eagle’s Craig View Point is situated close to the town which is apparently suspended from the cliff. A person can get a far-reaching view that the surrounding slopes, hamlets, hills and mountains offers. The location offers water reservoir to the whole town Kurseong.
Forest Museum
The museum known as the Forest Museum is situated in the DowHill. The museum comes under the department of forest. Here one is able to see the different kinds of animals which settled in the area from the past.
Bhangzang Salamander Lake
The lake of Bhangzang Salamander in the hill station of Kurseong is 14 km away from Kurseong. The lake is tinged with greenery and is beautiful which is the abode for the uncommon and the endangered species that includes salamandersThe salamander is specie which has come under the hazard of extinction.
Grotto houses are those houses where Virgin Mary’s statue is positioned in a surrounding which is beautiful and takes a person to another time and place. The grotto house is a very serene place.
Tea Gardens
The tea gardens in Kurseong have the teas which is the costliest worldwide. Makaibari, Ambotia and Castleton tea gardens manufacture mainly the delicate aromas that the black teas.
Weather And Best Time To Visit
The hill station of Kurseong is the place where a pleasant climate prevails all through the year. Here the conditions are never severe. One can visit Kurseong at any time period leaving the monsoon season. In this place the summers are gentle. This is an ideal place where the tourists can come at any time to flee from the heat of the plain. The monsoons are accompanied with heavy and long rainfall in the season. The winters in this hill station is not as extreme but proper clothing should be done.
The place of Kurseong has the summer season that stretches from March and ends around the month of May. Here the temperature goes up to mid thirties likely during the climax of the summer season. The lowest temperature is expected to be about 19oC. May is the month when the temperature rises and is the hottest part that the year has.
The season of monsoon is accompanied with protracted and abundant rainfall. Sightseeing is difficult during the season because during this season the roads are not easily accessible.
The winter season ranges from the month of December to the month of February. The temperature during this season drops to 3oC low. The highest temperature that is expected during this season is 24oC.
Language And Culture
There is blend of a healthy climate, serenity, tranquility and natural beauty in the region of Kurseong. The joyful and cheerful people living in this region welcome each and every visitor with hospitality and affection. Most of the people speak Nepali as their main language. Nevertheless the people understand English and Hindi. A migration of the different nationalities occurs that has made the culture of Kurseong diverse. Recently, there are many Bengalis who have settled in the region for tea trade and tourism. In Kurseong the vegetation is rich and the surroundings are also thrilling. The town of Kurseong is known as the ‘Botanists Paradise’.
WBTDC - Kurseong Tourist Lodge
PO Kurseong, District Darjeeling, West Bengal- 734283
The lodge named Kurseong Tourist Lodge is situated in the region and is at a distance 57 km from the railway station of New Jalpaiguri and 60 km from Bagdogra Airport.
This lodge comes under the West Bengal Tourism Development Corporation The lodge is set in a convenient and ideal location and provides the visitors with warm hospitality and comfortable accommodations.
Festivals And Activities
Makkar Sankranti (mid-Jan)
The festival of Makkar Sankranti is celebrated at the end of the winter season. During this time the people visit the temples and the sacred riverbanks to have a holy dip and worship.
Dasai (Sep-Oct)
The festival of Dasai is the festival of the Gorkha people or those presiding over there. The festival is synonymous to the Vijaya Dashami. The worshipping of the Goddess Durga carries on for ten days where the tenth day is celebrated by putting red & white tikka.
Tihar (Diwali)
The festival of Tihar is celebrated by decorating the houses with oiled lamps and Marigold Flowers all over the houses. The worshipping of the Goddess Laxmi is carried on in this festival. The songs like Bhailo and Melodious Deosi are sung during this festival.
Cochrane Place Hotel Kurseong
Address:132, Pankhabari Road, Fatak, Kurseong
Amarjeet Hotel
Address:12, T.N. Road ,Kurseong, Darjeeling, West Bengal – 734203
Mohpal Hotel
101, Hill Cart Road, Kurseong, Darjeeling, West Bengal
Get Around
In order to get around the hill station there are modes of transportation like land rovers, jeeps and private taxis are available. Sightseeing is possible due to the vehicles like taxis, mini coaches for tourist purposes, cars and buses that travel from Kurseong to Bagdogra/ New Jalpaiguri Junction/ Siliguri.
Get Out
The locale of Sukna is charming and is located in the Himalayas in the district of Darjeeling in West Bengal. The locale is about 18 km from the city of Siliguri. It lies along the route of toy train from New Jalpaiguri to Darjeeling. The locale of Sukna comes third in position on the way. It is from this region that the actual climbing experience occurs.
The locale of Sukna is set in the serene forests is a favorite picnic spot of the Darjeeling district. The major attraction of the place is Mahananda Wildlife Sanctuary.
The locality that is hilly is the locale of Sukhiapokhri is situated approximate on the border of India and Nepal. The locale is 11 kms away from Ghum on the route to Mirik.
Sukhiapokhri is connected by a road to Manebhanjang. It is then lead to the tracks of trekking to Sandakfu extending to Falut down the ridge called Singalila.
Shopping of the Tibetan handicrafts and a variety of teas is possible in this place. Good quality materials are found in this region. The handicrafts are very beautiful and well made. Handmade and woven Tibetan carpets are common over here.
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