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Terekhol Fort

LocationTerekhol River, North Goa
Built in17th century
Built byMaharaja Khem Sawant Bhonsle
Main AttractionHeritage hotel in one part of the fort, Church of St. Anthony
Current StatusTurned into Hotel
Nearest Metro StationNot available
Terekhol fort is a fort in Goa in Country India is also described as Tiracol fort. Situated at the northern end of Goa at Terekhol river mouth, Terekhol citadel is achieved through a car ship from Keri, forty two km North of Panaji city. The name possibly derived from the Marathi word tir-khol whci means "steep river-bank".
In the 17th century, originally the fort was constructed by Maharaja Khem Sawant Bhonsle, Sawantwadi Raja. The location selected was a mound on the Northern (right) cache of the river providing a commanding sight of sea of the Arabian. The Bhonsles of Sawantwadi reserved a large convoy of inhabitant vessels that protected in the river Terekhol. The fort originally had twelve guns, a barrack & chapel
During 1746, the Portuguese below the forty forth Goa Viceroy, Pedro Miguel de Almeida Portugal e Vasconcelos, conde de Assumar, marquis de Alorna], fought war in opposition to the Raja of Sawantwadi.
On November 16, 1746, de Almeida transported the Portuguese navy up to the Kaisuva River, waged a violent marine engagement next to the marine military of the Raja of Sawantwadi. Portuguese beat the Sawantwadi army completely. Several battles on land go behind & Terekhol citadel finally was give to the Protuguese Nov 23, 1746.
The citadel became a significant division of Portuguese marine defenses; being widelyrefurbished in 1764. Till December 1961, it stayed in Portuguese power. At that time the final Portuguese territorial location in the subcontinent were compulsorily seized by India.
On February 17th 1819, after overpowering of the Marathas, an agreement was marked by Raja Bhonsle Khaima Sawunt of Sawunt Warree who acknowledged British suzerainty. This agreement in fact put an end to the planned significance of the castle, as it turned into a farm in territory restricted by British associates.
Throughout the Portuguese Civil War, the castle worked like an insurgent monopoly through a rebellion in 1825 alongside the Portuguese guided by Dr. Bernardo Peres da Silva, the 1st Viceroy of Goa who was born in Goa. It was very much spoiled but the castle & the chapels were restored later. A cruel chief, "Tiger-killer" da Cunha penetrated the fort & asked beheading of the whole barracks & the keeping the heads onstakes.
Goa freedom fighters demonstrated at the symbolic Terekhol fort time to time. On August 15 1954, Satyagrahis objecting Portuguese law penetrated Goa from 3 various directions - 1 of that was through North to Terekhol castle that was taken & hosted Indian flag for entire day prior to getting captured & imprisoned.
Terekhol Fort in Goa is acknowledged for its building. Initial construction is remaining merely in bits & pieces. Several things are here to see. The fort was initially constructed then ruler of Sawantwadi Maharaja Khem Sawant Bhonsle. Fort control later was taken by Portuguese attackers. In seventeen sixty four, under Portuguese castle was reconstructed widely.
Terekhol Fort is situated at the crest of a mound & the building ignores the Arabian Sea. Individual may get some of the top panoramic sight of the whole sea surrounding the castle. The castle has been abandoned for fairly time, & not in the top of situations. The castle has been restored as hotel currently & is recognized as Terekhol Fort Heritage hotel. It is staying to stay in fort.
How to Reach
Terekhol is reachable from all of Goa merely by crossing the River Tiracol. That is possible on free car transport at Keri beach quay. Crossing is halted for few hours during low-tide though if one is frantic to cross; one more transport crosses four km upriver.
After crossing river at Keri beach, one may take a small walk / travel up the mount to reach Terekhol Fort in Goa.
The Keri beach yacht quay is accessible through every day. Kadamba bus commencing Panjim, or through public bus available in Siolim bus stop (leaving seven A.M.). If one has a bike or scooter which one may hire, overtake the Arambol petrol pump (one may stop here to fill petrol) & carry on in the direction of River Tiracol which hugs northern border of Goa. Road turn left here & takes through picturesque countryside of Goa as one go down to sea plane. Just past the spiraling to the south stop of Keri seashore jetty is available at main road.
Near by Places to Visit
Terekhol River
The Terekhol River in western part of India is recognized as the Banda River in its higher reaches & Terekhol in the lower reaches. It makes border between Maharashtra's districtSindhudurg & Goa's North Goa district for few some expanse. Terekhol increases in the vicinity of the Manohargad at Western Ghats & runs in a south-westerly route to gather in Arabian ocean.
Redi Ganpati Temple
Redi Ganpati Temple is situated around 30 km disntant of Vengurla. Temples' town consists of manganese mines. In nineteen seventy six, Ganpati Idol in a sitting pose & around 15 meters tall was recovered in 1 of the mines adjacent to Rewati port. A tiny rocky beach following the temple is also there.
Weather and Best Time to Visit
Goa has pleasant weather & can be toured all around the year. Still October to June is best time to visit.
  • Summer (March to May Month) is warm though sea breeze provides comfort. Temperature maximum is 40°C and fewer crowds are there during this period.
  • Winter (November to February Month) provides pleasant climate & tourists are maximum with several festivals. It is perfect holidays & honeymoons. Temperature goes to 15°C minimum. During this period Sea beaches, tourism & and water games are best enjoyed.
  • Monsoon (June to September Month) gives heavy to moderate rainfalls. Goa consists of its own attraction in monsoons, lush vegetation & quite country feast in the interiors may be enjoyed.
Mont h of March to May time is hot. There will be fewer crowds & this season is best for individuals who want quiet & peaceful instants at a distant from life of city. Also, it is a fine period if one wants to have cheaper celebrations in Goa. Month of June to September comes with rainfalls, & this season is best for eco-tourism in Goa. In October tourist season begins, & Goa offer quite pleasing weather. October to February period is ideal for sea beaches, tourism & enjoying water games. One may have Festivals & parties in night to make enjoyable holidays during this time.
In the end of year time, one may enjoy the festivals concerning with main religious festivals like Christmas & New Year. Goa is fully lit up during this season & several parties are organized to celebrate and enjoy the moments. The February carnival in Goa & also Sao Joan fiesta in the month of June middle is distinguished with much display by the tourists here.
One may get good luxury hotels. In order to enjoy luxury stay, there is Tiracol Heritage Hotel. This hotel offers lodging in the castleand has more than five rooms & two deluxe suites. Depending on the period of the year prices are variable, but one must guess to disburse the similar as he may give for a high class hotel in their own country. Tel: +91 (0) 832 2276793, e-mail: or find a contact form on the Nilaya Hermitage website:
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