Friday, 8 February 2013

Sepahijala Zoo

Sepahijala Zoo is a popular zoo situated in Tripura. It is also known as Sepahijala Wildlife Sanctuary that is built on 18.53 sq km area. This zoo has managed to gain a place among countries popular zoos because of its huge collection of birds and other wildlife animals. This has become the popular place for Flora and all the animals of particular region.
This zoo was made to stop the intrusion of the place and now it has helped people to enjoy the view of many animal species. Being an attractive place for tourists it has become an important part of Tripura. There are 5 sections available there, they are - (I) Carnivores section (ii)Primate Section (iii) ungulate section (iv) Reptile section (v) Aviary section. As the place is pretty big, it has been possible to bring many animals into the zoo to make it more attractive. It has managed to make places for different kind of beautiful trees as it is a botanical garden too. All the animals and trees experience good weather there and live very healthy way, though the summer season isn’t that comfortable for them. There are sections divided for 5 types of species, they are Rhesus, macaque, pigtailed macaque, Capped langur, and spectacled langur. It is also familiar as Wildlife Academic and research centre. People can find above 150 scpecies of birds in Sepahijala Zoo and experience migratory birds in winter as they take shelter of the zoo at this time. For boating people can head towards Abasarika and Amrit Sagar lakes there.
Flora - people can know about different kind of plants in the zoo. The famous flower Nageshwar and famous trees Agar are good crowd puller in the zoo. They would be familiar of 456 species of trees and popular plants there are Sal, Garjan, Chamal, Kanak, Kurcha, Pichla, Awla etc.

Fauna – Crab eating Mongoose is very popular and different kind of primates are available at there. Few names can be mentioned here like spectacled langur, Rhesus macaque, Capped langur etc. Barking deer, clouded leopard and civets are among those animals that successfully attract the crowd a lot.

Avifauna- 150 types of Avifauna is available in the zoo and they amaze a lot of tourists throughout the year.
The zoo is situated at Tripura, 35kms from Agartala.
Visit timing
Opening timings: 09:30 am to 07:00 pm

Closing day: Monday
Ticket charges
Adult: Rs 3/-,
Children: Rs 1/- (Below 5 Years),
Heavy Motor Vehicle: Rs 10/-,
Light Motor Vehicle: Rs 8/-,
Still: Rs 10/- (per day),
Video: Rs 50/- (per day